Lukas Prautsch "LeftLukas" is a 20 year old German based musician, producer and artist of the independent Label "Room of Understanding". From his childhood on he was fascinated by music and started devoting time to create it at a very young age.

LeftLukas' latest single "Lonewolf" was released in February followed by the official music video that came out on March 29th. Now he’s about to release another single on April 26th.

His unique music is a steady growing tree with branches of different genre elements such as Hip Hop, Rap and EDM - but all connected through common sound roots derived from artists like Mike Shinoda, Logic and Machine Gun Kelly who deeply influenced LeftLukas' own style.

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"I'm shaped by a lot of various artists, bands and music cultures. That is me. I appreciate that impact and I wanna keep it in my art instead of sticking to one particular genre.”

The young artist already performed on large festivals like "SonneMondSterne" and hit the mainstage at "Sputnik Springbreak 2019" alongside other popular acts. Until this day his tracks and collaborations reached more than 1.500.000 streams on Spotify.

His lyrics embracing personal issues, social topics and motivating messages combined with content - related space for own interpretations by the listener. Regarding to his mission statement he stays positive, open-minded towards new ideas, cultural experiences and music styles. While maintaining the focus on his visions he is turning his dreams into reality.