Hkmk "Heckmeck" is a German artist, record-producer and Dj. He founded the Room of Understanding with Garey Godson in 2018. „Heckmeck“ is the best way to describe the atmosphere Hannes Schurig delivers through his live performances, music and video productions.

Hkmk performing live in German Jail with Garey Godson

Throughout the years, Hannes has experimented almost every genre you could think of: Combining Hip-Hop elements, deep 808s with automation to the melodic influences of African and European Music genres. With over 4,5 Million Streams on Spotify alone, he is ready to reach out to demand the attention of new audiences in 2020.

Hkmk Djing live in Jail with Garey Godson

“Heckmeck” is very passionate about networking, helping and supporting global projects with same-minded values, also coaching and motivating people on how to find their purpose and happiness in life. #ROU

Hkmk and Barmonk training Calisthenics

Personal Principle Declaration:
1[Give, then take]
2[service to support others/ spread love in the world]
3[constantly creating the best version of myself]
4[Seek first to understand, before to be understood]
5[create WINWINs]

Garey Godson and Hkmk during Live Performance in German Jail

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