Garey Godson

Oghenegare Anighoro "Garey Godson" is a 26 years old Nigerian Born Artist and Record Producer based in Berlin, Germany. Being born and raised in the oil-city of Nigeria "Warri" he grew up in a family with three siblings and both parents in the South-South countryside. Music was always a vital part of his upbringing: Fela Kuti, Barry Wonders, Marvin Gaye, Majek Fashek, Prince & Micheal Jackson were tunes around the house being a child”. 

“music is a tool to reach the world, connect people, challenge stereotypes and bring issues on certain societal issues." (Garey Godson / The Afrofusionist)

Garey picked up an interest in music production at the age of 19 and was writing, taking vocals and producing for local acts. This hobby would metamorphose into a career which grew into engineering sessions and working with established and upcoming acts in Lagos Nigeria during his Bachelors studies.

Garey Godson "The Afrofusionist" Live Performance

After finishing his bachelors Godson decided to move to Europe for further studies. In 2016 he arrived Germany in pursuit of a Masters degree in Media and Communication Science at the TU Ilmenau. This was were he would go on to meet German based Producer and Artist manager HKMK. In 2018 they founded their independent Label ROU (Room of Understanding). The vision is to create a movement which propelled other upcoming creatives to find their voices and showcase their art to the world. His sound is Afro-Fusion, a very modern perspective on music as it fuses African melodies with Western-influences. It combines rhythms from Soul, RnB, Hip-Hop & Afro-beats.

"Still I Rise" by Garey Godson is out now

Garey’s second studio album Still I Rise has finally dropped. In the previous year, he brought us along a musical journey that birthed singles like Koko, Chosen One, Tha Juice, and Cairo. The new album captures joy, pain, vulnerability all in one frame." Basically, the album has something for everyone. The Afro-fusionist blends RnB, Trap, and Afro-pop in a very organic and consistent manner. His long-time partner, HKMK combines trap elements and is responsible for the engineering of the whole album. The project also includes talented music producers such as Niickii, Beatsbycryptic, and Drey Andersson. Not to forget the amazing features with artists such as Daramola, Nigerian born artist based in the US/ Law,  Austrian based rapper and DonMD from Syria who’s also based in Germany.

“Music is a tool for me to reach the world, connect people, challenge stereotypes and bring issues on certain societal issues".

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