Hkmk drops new Single "Barmonk"

Barmonk Single prod by Hkmk

Hkmk drops his new Single "Barmonk" to emphasize the importance of doing constant workouts with your own body and mind during corona time. The record is one for the gym, car and run: giving you the right amount of energy boost through the bass-heavy drops. 
You can listen and stream it now


1. Independency
When starting Calisthenics no equipment, no gym subscription, and no specific location is required. This opens the door for creativity when it comes to how and where to train. This independency is a financial win, a huge time saver and a great way to get more creative with your workouts. Most importantly, you will always be making big gains, while everyone else is losing waiting for the gym to open!

2. Suitable for all fitness levels
It does not matter how old, young, big, small, heavy, light, weak, strong, sick or healthy you are, through this progressive training concept, anyone can always easily start. Most importantly is to figure out your current level, choose the matching progression and give it your best while you strive to get better.

Barmonk performing a Back Lever (calisthenics)

3. Variations and Creativity

One of the most beautiful things about Calisthenic is that the exercises and the creativity that comes with it is just indefinite. Taking the pushup as an example, there are more than 50 variations of executing that exercise. Starting from knee pushups to one arm, superman, clapping, 360…etc. A combination of different variations or different exercises results in a
completely new variation, giving you huge space for creativity and enjoyment.

Barmonk Training on a Pool

4. Natural

What sounds more natural than using the own bodyweight to execute exercises, which for, the body was designed, and to get stronger? The elimination of extra weights and equipment reduces the risk of injuries and imbalances during and after working out. Think about it like this, your training session is the lab where you get stronger and hit your limits to excel and be at your best form all day, every day! This can only be achieved if you mimic daily movements in your workout routine, which is mainly done through calisthenics.

5. Functionality & Control
All exercises in Calisthenics are very functional. Because all exercises are compound ones, meaning different muscle groups are targeted, they require a huge amount of coordinative awareness to all body parts. This, in turn, increases the overall body control, enhances your understanding of muscle functionality and burns much more calories than a typical isolation workout would ever do.

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Barmonk and Hkmk during Calisthenics Workout
Good Vibes from Germany
Hkmk & Barmonk

"discover inspire accelerate"

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