The 5 Habits of Control

 As I learn more about myself and understand the teachings of taking control of my mind, body and soul, I come to the realization that understanding is of no use without executing.



Let’s talk about 5 simple key habits that allow me to live my day to the fullest and toward my desires:

  • Daily Gratitude. Living life can be so beautiful and joyful if we focus on the good and positive things around us. Being grateful is the feeling of happiness and satisfaction in living the life we have. including the ups and downs we face everyday. Being grateful everyday allows me to genuinely transform how I feel about myself and life  around me. Being grateful is a very powerful tool which only takes little moments in your day.

  • Giving up comfort. Everyday we are used to doing the same routine we have done for years, our minds and bodies are programmed to do the same because it feels easier. Although this may feel ‘’comfortable’’, we don't really grow or become better in any sort of aspect. Giving up comfort for me is just doing something different or challenging everyday, for example cold showers. This allows me to gain confidence, and discover new hobbies or skills.

  • Exercise.  Exercising 3-5 times a week does a great feat for your physical and mental health. Exercise does not only make you healthier, it strengthens the connection between body and mind and even teaches you discipline. Exercise for me means so much as it allows me to explore my body and its limits. 

  • Journaling/ Meditation. I put Journaling and meditation together to explain how both are a means of listening and bringing your thoughts and subconscious mind to life. This habit is one of the most important,  it really puts focus on yourself and allows you to really understand your deepest thoughts and actions. Meditation and journaling for me provide everyday a platform to connect to my mind and spirit which allows me to reflect and become a better person.

  • Reading. I cannot stress it when i say, the gift of reading is the most valuable habit we can incorporate in our life. Through reading we are able to communicate massive amounts of knowledge and experiences. Our mind is like a sponge that will continuously learn more and execute from just 15 minutes of reading a day. For me reading opens me up to new ideas and perspectives, it makes me more creative, knowledgeable, aware and open. 


    Try these habits out and let them be a tool for your well being and happiness everyday. 



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