Taking control ''Outside-In''

Taking control from the “inside out” is the first step to becoming the master of your daily life. However, taking a look at the “outside-in” is just as important.

Our environment has a large impact on our behavior, how we act, speak, and even think. Depending on the state of our environment, we are impacted either positively or negatively.


In the past, I always thought that the environment I found myself to be in was always out of my control. That I was not able to influence it to my favor.

The realization accrued to me that a person’s presence holds weight in a room, and in any certain environment. Whatever you put out in an environment will echo back to you.

“ Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.” - Leonardo Da Vinci 

Taking control from the “outside-in” is basically putting out the happiness or positivity, which you expect to be given to you in any certain environment. Lead as an example and that will attract the environment you please and wish for.

Think about it, it would not make sense to exert sadness or anger in a certain environment but expect happiness and peace in return.


Experiment with this method (see examples below) see how your presence can impact your environment. How that in reality, you have much more control of your surroundings than you thought, how that you can start taking immediate conscious control. 




Try exerting positivity towards people;

 being selfless, understanding, and even as simple as listening to someone and showing interest in what they do or say!

Try smiling more often when greeting friends, family, and or strangers!

Seek fullfillment from helping others and by giving value, in any sort of area!

‘’Everyone you meet, be a blessing, not a lesson’’ - Russ



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