Taking control ''Inside-Out''

Sometimes it feels like your daily life is a roller coaster of emotions and mood swings, doesn't it? One moment you are full of life and energy, and the other you feel like you lost the day. Your business pitch did not go as planned, your computer crashed alongside multiple unsaved files, or even just simply bad weather. All these simple but quite random examples are enough to change our state in a matter of seconds. Making us grumpy, angry, or even demotivated. All these external factors, which we can not proactively change, are taking over our lives! But WHY?



Why should our emotions, mood, and productivity be impacted by what’s happening around us? If we want to live our life how we truly want it to be, we must begin to take control “INSIDE OUT”.

Taking control from the inside out simply means, designing your own rules so that YOU are in control. So that the outside world does not decide whether you feel good or bad. Design them so it is extremely easy for you to feel good and incredibly hard to feel bad.


Ask yourself  ‘what must happen in order for me to feel good?’ For example, I personally have based my rules on things I value in life. Some of those being

I feel happiness every time I:

Learn something new, share ideas and perspectives with others.

whenever I take care of my health and hygiene, whenever I indulge in deep meditation.

whenever I spread love and positivity, whenever I look myself in the mirror and smile, whenever I am creative.

whenever I get out of my comfort zone, whenever I am more reflective and less reactive, whenever I help others around achieve their goals.





Write down a list of rules beginning with ‘I feel good whenever I…….’ and the more the merrier. Remind yourself every day of these rules through reading them or even recording, to stay in control of your day and life. 

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