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Habit Hacks

Habit Hacks

Building and maintaining habits of our choice tend to be challenging and hard. But with the use of some tools and criterias our habits will only evolve. Let’s talk about those criterias in more detail. 


In order to influence your habits you must pay attention and take into account these factors:


  • Self motivation. Ask yourself and get clear with your intentions; Why is this specific habit good/bad for me? How important is this habit for me? What...

  • Enslaving Comparison

    Enslaving Comparison

    For most human beings comparison is a natural thing we do, the brain uses the external world as a reference and compares itself in order to build a spectrum which can be used for decision making. However comparison can be either empowering or enslaving. Empowering comparison is when we use our reference of comparison to change or improve a certain factor within ourselves. For example seeing friends or family become healthier or more self invested may lead to the comparison that will ultimately make you invest in yourself too.


    In retrospect, enslaving comparison...

    The Power of Self Talk

    The Power of Self Talk

    Ironic how we are taught to pay so much attention and care towards what we say to others, yet completely neglect what we say to ourselves. The most important person in your life is YOU. 

    Self-talk is our internal dialogue, it reveals our deepest thoughts and ideas. Every single word or remark you make about yourself has a direct impact on your own self image, which ultimately becomes your reality! 

     The Power of Self Talk - ROU Artist Education

    Have a thought about all the...