Goal Setting- Its about the Journey, not the destination.

We are always told that having goals is very important and necessary for our progress in life, we are told that without these goals we have no clear vision or sight towards what we are trying to move towards. All these statements and teachings, but I was never been told why? Why are goals important, and how can they actually be a great tool people can use? And even, How do I make good simple goals?

Goal setting is simply, putting all your current energy and coming efforts towards achieving one specific task under a certain amount of time. Goals can be over days, weeks, months, or even years. Goals are amazingly effective tools that guide your direction at the current moment.


Setting goals is actually quite simple and easy, yet we all manage to get it somehow wrong, leaving us unmotivated and even disappointed. 

When setting goals you NEED to: 

  1.  Brainstorm; If you don’t have an idea yet, think, and brainstorm about what you personally would like to pursue and invest time in. This can be any sort of thing, for example.. Health, Family, Photography, etc.
  2. Ask Yourself the Right questions; Once you’ve decided your path, begin to ask yourself 

         ``What can I do every day that will bring me closer to my desired goal?``

         ``How much time can I afford to invest pursuing this goal without feeling under pressure?``

  1. Start simple and slow; After answering the questions, begin to execute on the goals focusing entirely and enjoying the process.
  2. Be Flexible and Adaptive; Learn how to become flexible with your goals. Goals are not made for us to obsess reaching to the end, goals are made for us to learn through the process and adapt, even change them if better opportunities appear in the journey.



People tend to be so strict on themselves when setting goals, making the journey feel like torture and the end not as exciting as imagined. This flexible and conscious way of setting and executing on goals allows you to live in the present moment, where your actions and appreciation at the moment becomes the most important part of your goal.



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