Kynam Truong Pro Athlete Interview

Kynam Truong is the Co-Founder of AVONEMEDIA. Retired. Now on his mission to conquer NBA as a pro athlete.

Kynam Truong Interview ROU

1 - Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path?

I wouldn’t necessarily say pivotal moment, but a pivotal process: At the age of 15 the police caught and reported me three times because of drug dealing, multiple thefts and fencing while getting expelled from two schools. All that happened within 6 months and I was just ahead of the juvenile prison. One more step in the wrong direction meant falling down the hill - I had to change something. And I did.

2 - Can you tell us about the process of making your work?

Living every day as it is given to us: As a present. In the present. Being present. Doing everything out of love and purpose.

3 - How do you know when a piece of work is accomplished? What’s your number 1 habit?

I don’t. My heart does. Number 1 habit: Building habits. Consciously.



4 - What drives and inspires you?

Love. Gratitude. Awareness.

5 - What are you thankful for?

The moment.

6 - Do you interact with the digital world/technology in your work?

Yes, but not as a victim of it - as a creator making the best out of it. I hope you too.



7 - How does your daily routine look like?

Being happy. Actually there is no daily routine because every day by itself is unique and special. 

8 - What advice would you give to your younger self following your steps?

Trust the process. Embrace the process. I wouldn’t change anything, because every up in the same way as every-down: They made me who I am today. That’s priceless.



9 - Why do you love what you do? 

The art is not finding something you love, it’s finding your love in everything you do. They don’t have to find me, I’m always there. Here & Now.

10-How do you get in contact with the ROU / What does this movement mean to you? 

I just love your energy, your positivity and the love you’re spreading with the world! Keep it up.

Kynam Truong Interview ROU


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