YoSeF "YSF" Artist Interview

Hello to all who read :) My name is YoSeF (short YSF), I'm from Leipzig and I'm making German music. So far I have produced and published two Eps in own work with a good friend. Musically, I try myself a lot, but I would most likely belong to the HipHop & Consciousrap genre with bonds from Indiepop and RnB. I am glad that you are here!

YoSeF "YSF" Artist Interview ROU

1 - Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path?

When I think about it and look where I am now, the year of my federal volunteer service was the most likely reason for me to think in my direction. At that time I was the caretaker's henchman in a senior center and was working 40 hours a week for an hourly wage of 1,18€. Both my colleagues and the work were sometimes unbearable and demotivating and cost a lot of my strength and energy. I then broke off the year after 9 months and knew that I would never want to work like that again and that I did not want to stay in this "work 40 hours a week and look forward to your retirement and the 28 days holiday a year" - circle. From that moment on I had a better picture in my head of what I wanted to do and especially what I didn't want to do. Since then I have been studying one of the best courses of study in the world "Speech Science", making my music and pursuing my own interests and preferences.


2 - Can you tell us about the process of making your work?

When working I try to always take a look at the whole and not get lost in details so quickly. That's why I usually write a to-do list for the day, so that I can keep track of everything and check everything off bit by bit. What is not done I take with me into the next day. Some things are always on it by now. In principle I like a well-founded, calm and structured preparation for my projects. In hectic and disorderly situations I do not get along so well, which is why I often think through the processes and tasks in my head. The process of working is then often different and of course depends on my mood and feeling. On the one hand, I see continuity and uniformity as an opportunity to be able to work equally well in a project quickly and continuously. On the other hand, I need variety and try out new ways of working so that I don't have to stop and discover new and different ways for myself.

YoSeF German Artist Interview ROU
3 - How do you know when a piece of work is accomplished? What's your number 1 habit?

When I feel at ease with it myself and feel good and comfortable with my results. Sometimes I make my success dependent on others and think very top-heavy. In these moments I first have to get myself back on the ground and give myself courage or call my mother. This usually helps a lot! My #1 habit lately is to do sports right after getting up. It gives me a good feeling to start the day like this and above all it makes me really awake!

4 - What drives and inspires you?

First of all, these are other people in my environment or spiritual products of other people I don't know. For me, these products are mainly music and books. Conversations are definitely also part of it and sometimes it's just small things that give me impetus and inspiration. For example, a short thought from an observation can lead to inspiration for a new lyric or melody. And of course conflicts and arguments. They usually put me in front of my own fears and problems and give me the strength to continue working on myself afterwards.

YoSeF Artist Interview ROU

5 - What are you thankful for?

If I were to list everything in detail, it would probably be a rather long list. So here are just some of the most important aspects: for my parents and my childhood (but especially my mother!) ), my wonderful girlfriend and her love for me, my good circle of friends, that I am healthy and alive, for enough to eat & drink, a roof over my head and all the luxury goods I am allowed to have and enjoy, living in freedom, the possibility to enjoy as much education as possible, my physical and mental integrity, my degree in "Speech Science", my voice and for so much good music and all the privileges I have and which start in the smallest detail. Furthermore, I am grateful for memories of the past...and so much more.

YoSeF Artist Interview ROU
6 - Do you interact with the digital world/technology in your work?

For the promotion and release of musical projects of course. But I'm less affinity to social media and I don't present myself so much and I like to present myself via Instagram, for example. But I've decided to intensify the whole thing and to learn more about it in order to reach more people and thus more ears in upcoming projects. In addition, there are of course possibilities to contact people all over the world, which makes many things easier and more direct. I try to keep a balance and concentrate more on real things. I also see some sides rather critically concerning the work with the digital world. For example, images or content are quickly conveyed that either does not reflect reality or fuel the compulsion to consume and the pursuit of false and questionable ideals.

7 - How does your daily routine look like?

I have the most routine in the morning hours. Before I get up I always go through my current main goal loudly. Then I drink one or two glasses of water and pour cold water on my face. Afterwards, I do some morning sports in the form of a little workout or I do the "Bring Sally Up Challenge" (highly recommended!). Next I do another breathing exercise and then start my day with an awake feeling and breakfast with coffee. I also like to read during the day or listen to an audiobook or podcast. As a rule, I then first sit down to the most important and urgent tasks. At the moment this mostly concerns things for the university. Furthermore, I divide my day variably according to my tasks. Another constant is doing sports and in the evening I usually take time for my hobbies and interests and do something together with my girlfriend. I always try to include the things that are important besides my studies into my day, even if it is only 15 minutes in which I rap, sing or write lyrics or play Kendama. And even cooking is great.

YoSeF German Artist Interview ROU
8 - What advice would you give to your younger self following your steps?

Write down more things (experiences, thoughts, feelings) and look for more conversation with others. Also, try to go dancing more often and don't think about so many situations in your head in advance, but just do it and throw yourself into a new experience. Study exactly what I study now and start reading more books. And be grateful.

9 - Why do you love what you do? Where can people find you? What's the plan for 2020?

Because it makes me fulfilled and happy and shows me what I am capable of. Any feedback on my music is valuable to me and it feels good to know that people like to listen to my music and like it. In addition, it has created ties to people who might never have been there without it and I have also met many new and kind people through my passion. It gives me strength and lets me process things emotionally in a special way. I love it because it can give me goosebumps and helps me or others. I love it because it feels like freedom and music can be so diverse. I love it because it gives fun and joy. I love it because I see the ways and goals that drive me forward. I love it out of love for the cause. Currently, you can find me at Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook and Instagram. My plan for 2020 is to get my bachelor's degree and after that I will concentrate on making music for a year.


10 - How do you get in contact with the ROU / What does this movement mean to you?

First of all, the whole thing means something to me because I went to school with the founding member HKMK and I'm still very good friends. The ROU has been around for a while now and I am recognizing more and more the versatility and openness of the whole idea. I think it's nice to see that this room now means something to so many people and brings them together. I see the mutual support and encouragement as a very valuable and great treasure and I think that a lot is possible to grow together. I could well imagine myself as being part of the whole thing and learning from each other and making music together.

Further projects are not yet planned for this year, as I am fully occupied with my bachelor thesis. However, I recently released my second EP and I am happy about every listener! Thank you for reading this article! 














Special Thanks to the Artworks from the ARDAFAMILY!



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