Impari Moda Fashion Designer Interview

I'm Jana, 27 years old, a Fashion Design Student in Berlin, Entrepreneur and
Designer. About a year ago I founded ‘’Impari‘' and it has already become one of
the most important things in my life. I was born and grew up in a small village in NRW and have been living in Berlin for several years. I have lived in different countries like Italy and Kenya for some time and I keep exploring and travelling.
I started sewing at the age of 12 and then I was not yet sure that this would be
my future.

Impari Moda Berlin Fashion Label Rou Interview

Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path?
It was during the bank apprenticeship that I realized that I definitely had to
do something with fashion. It was clear, that I did not belong there.
Afterwards, I felt a great need to move away from my hometown and to put
my creativity into practice. Years later I did a three Years apprenticeship as ‘’Custom Tailor’’ in a Berlin Renowned Fashion Design Company. During both of my apprenticeships, I sewed a lot and already started to combine different materials.

Impari Moda Berlin Fashion Designer Berlin ROU Interview

Can you tell us about the process of making your work?
My work with ‘’Impari‘’ is very versatile, there are different tasks in many
areas. Designing and creating clothes is my main work. It starts with an
inspiration, then a sketch and a drawing. After that I start with a prototype; I first have to make a Pattern, this Pattern is made on very thin cutting paper so I can change it better and also could put it on the tailor's dummy. It is very flexible, so I have a first picture of what it would look like later. After that, I cut the different parts of the garment on a sample.



When this is done, all parts are sewn together and I check if it looks good and whether the fit is right. When this is the case, the pattern will be transferred to a thicker paper and is ready for production. Every piece I made has its own character, due to its own mix of fabrics. To create something by myself always gives me a wonderful feeling and much better if somebody likes it and I can make this person happy.

Impari Moda Berlin Afro-Fashion Designer Berlin
How do you know when a piece of work is accomplished? 
For me, a piece of clothing is finished when I know that it reflects what I
have imagined in my head before. Also, of course, when the Finishing of the
garment and design together have a good result and I am satisfied with the

Impari Moda Berlin Fashion Designer Berlin ROU Interview
What drives and inspires you?
What totally inspires me are places and the life on these streets. The
different people and their ideas of life and their sense of beauty. The colours
you experience in life, that nothing in life has only one colour. Also, buildings
and their architecture inspires me a lot but especially people and their
stories. I want that we all connect more and listen to this soulful life.
Sometimes I think of something else that might look great. I could go from
one idea to the next endlessly, but luckily the day is over sometimes ;).

Impari Moda Designer Interview

What are you thankful for?
I am very thankful for every day that I have the freedom to choose and do
what I love and to all who accompany me on my way.
I’m also so grateful that my family and friends support me with all my crazy
ideas and the great connections I already made through my path.
I am just infinitely thankful to work on myself and live my dreams.

Impari Afro Fashion Designer Berlin Interview

Do you have a favourite book?
One of my favourite Books is ‘’Never Split The Difference’’ from Chris Voss.

Impari Moda Interview ROU

How does your daily routine look like?
My normal day starts with yoga and a little meditation. This is for me a very
important balance that uplifts me, even if somedays it’s more difficult where
a thousand thoughts are floating through my mind. It always does me a lot
of good and always gives me a little positive push at the beginning of the
day. After that, I have a big breakfast and then it’s time to go to the Store. Here I
really work hard but only with a lot of music. At 7 pm I get off work and ride
home on my bike. After dinner, I often do some stuff on the computer or I just relax.

Impari Moda Interview ROU

What advice would you give to your younger self following your steps?

That I shouldn't always push myself so hard, that everything's gonna
happen the way it's supposed to.
...and start yoga and meditation earlier than I did.

Impari Moda Fashion Label Berlin Interview

Why do you do what you do? Where can people find you? What's your vision about?
I do what I do because I love it and it makes me happy. I feel accomplished when creating clothes. It's like knowing that...This is it!

Impari Moda new collection Rou interview
My vision is to make sustainable, unique and colourful clothing for the streets.
I do so by mixing different European and African fabrics. I want to bring people
together with more colourful clothing that deliver joy. Together we can bring the fast fashion industry to fall and take a step into a more conscious life.

Impari Moda Artist Interview Fashion
Where can people find you?

My Store is in Berlin Friedrichshain in Finowstr. 15.

You can find us on Instagram / Facebook & TikTok or the website.

How do you get in contact with the ROU / What does this movement
mean to you?

I came into contact with the ROU through the Project of Garey Godson and
Hkmk to the song "Tha Juice". They asked me if I could provide them
with outfits for the music video and I was so excited.
The project has become simply beautiful and I am so proud to be a part of
it. After that, we had a lot of great projects together like the "Link up" Christmas Event in my Store.

Impari Moda x ROU LINKUP

It was so amazing and it felt like family. I’m just so thankful that I can benefit from the creativity and energy of ROU. They also played a major role in my last collection, they helped me to produce a song for my fashion film. It was the first time for me to write and record a song on my own and I am just happy to have had this great
experience with ROU. Thank you guys for all your beautiful support.

Impari Moda Collection
What should people be ready for in 2020:
-New collection AURORA
-Expansion of the Online-Shop
-Accra FashionWEEk

Impari Moda New AUORA Collection

Impari Moda new collection

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