Hi, my name is Phil and I’m the founder of GORNATION. GORNATION is a calisthenics community brand offering clothing and equipment for athletes around the world. Calisthenics is bodyweight fitness, a mixture between parkour, gymnastics and several other sports. Since 2015 we’re building a passionate and striving community with over 60.000 fans around the world and looking forward to reach our goal of 1.000.000 connected people in 2025.

Phillip Gornation Founder

1 - Was there a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path? Being on my first calisthenics competition, meeting so many of my idols, feeling the spirit of a community event and buying a shirt to support the event. I collected all the signatures from insane athletes like Frank Medrano, Adam Raw or Dejan Stipic. But then the shirt lost its print and felt uncomfortable after one wash in the machine. I knew that the sport had a big potential but somebody would have to bring in high quality clothing and gear. This was the start of GORNATION.

Gornation Gear and Products

2 - Can you tell us about the process of making your work? GORNATION currently consists of a team of 4 full time team members, who are all truly passionate about the sport and their work. Working at GORNATION isn’t a normal office job but a day that starts with 2 minutes of plank after the daily morning meeting and a lot of product testing during the week for everyone.



3 - How do you know when a piece of work is accomplished? What’s your number 1 habit? Asking the community. Looking for experienced and honest athletes who tell us what they think. Often they like our ideas or work, often they don’t. But most important: they are always honest.

GORNATION Calisthenics community

4 - What drives and inspires you? To see the community growing not only in numbers but in deep messages, meetings on events or happy customers in our shop.

Gornation athlete

5 - What are you thankful for? The support of the community, without them it wouldn’t be possible what we do. Living the dream of a start-up of athletes working at their passion project. The people around the world who push the sport to the maximum, there are so many great people who organize events on their costs and give everything they have for the growth of the sport.

Gornation Athletes Calisthenics

6 - Do you have a favourite book? Too many good books out there, a book that I often recommend and gift to friends is “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Gornation calisthenics athlete

7 - How does your daily routine look like? A daily meeting in the office in Münster, Germany, at 8h30, where everybody reflects on the day yesterday, plans his work for today and can ask for help from the team. Then 2 minutes of plank before starting with work. At lunch we chat about the stuff that comes to our minds, most often work, workout or food. Then we work till the afternoon until we often go to workout together.

Gornation Athlete

8 - What advice would you give to your younger self following your steps? Focusing on one thing and sticking with it, not following 1000 ideas and projects.

Gornation Equipment

9 - Why do you do what you do? Where can people find you? What’s your vision about?

We’ll build the biggest and most passionate calisthenics community in the world and make the sport big and accessible for everyone. This is what keeps us moving every day! You can join us on events, social media like Instagram or YouTube AND by supporting our mission by checking out our store and representing GORNATION during your workout with clothing or equipment.

Gornation Team

10-How do you get in contact with the ROU / What does this movement mean to you? ROU means endless support for me, hustle, people hungry for more and giving. Got in touch through Barmonk and Hkmk and happy to the max that I met you guys! Keep doing your thing! 

What should people be ready for in 2020? 

Insane projects, using the time with less events to build something big! Stay tuned and be amazed by the quality and passion in them!






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